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"To inspire the desire for learning and prepare academically all those willing to undertake the challenge of learning science."


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It is important to stay up to date. The Science Portal gives you access to the course calendar and announcements, science Q&A desk, Science Portal Twitter, and a photo gallery.

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Quickly access important documents anytime, wirelessly in the student docs tab.


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Availability is important. In addition you can also contact the Science Portal Administrator through he Q& A tab in the Stay Connected sections.


Choose from many different science disiplines to learn. You will always have access to the Science Portal. Each course is structure the same (see Content).



The course chapters are highly organized to make it easy to learn. After carefully reading the course decription & outline in the Docs tab for a course you're ready to begin learning. The scope & sequence is a great place to begin since it provides a day-by-day outline of the course. The course introdcution provides some general information about the course. Each course is organized into chapters and contains a exam prepartion section.

Lesson Overview

Lesson Introduction

This is a brief, but engaging intro to the chapter. It provides background information as well as the main objective of the chapter.

Lesson Plan

is a detailed day-by-day outline that guides the students through the lesson.

Learning Objectives

Students can use these learning outcomes to monitor their progress through a lesson.

Notebook Checklist

is a detailed assignment guide.



From insightful reading activities to animated videos, the Engage section launches the imagination. Now you're ready to learn


is the meat of the lesson. This section contains the detailed content of the lesson. The presentation walks you through each lesson step-by-step.


provides a variety of critical thinking and problems solving activities to practice what you have learn.


AP Content

gives advanced students access a more rigorous content. Each lesson set has a complimentary video.


the content deeper, and discover more using a variety of resources.


**Labs should be conducted in a labortory setting with a responsible adult.


Course Docs

Quickly gain access to the most commonly used documents for each course under the Docs tab. Examples inlcuded, a periodic table, equation table, metric unit conversion, helpful apps, course outline, course scope & sequence, and others.


The Help tab gives students access to multiple, multi-media resources to help guide them through the course.



The Reading section provides students with a library of science readings, both fiction and non.


The videos section grows daily. The coolest science videos the internet has to offer found here.



Here a student will find a complete guide to composing a scientific article using APA format.


Articles gives students update on the current APA published articles.