Sourvelis Compassionate Care
NCLEX Memorial Scholarship

The Sourvelis Compassionate Care NCLEX Memorial Scholarship was started for Bevill State Community College nursing students in order to help meet the financial burden of the National Council of Licensure Examination (NCLEX). This scholarship was started by Nicholas and Amanda Sourvelis in April 2018 in memory of Ms. Patricia Sourvelis. In its first year one student will be awarded $200.00 to be used to pay for their NCLEX board examination. It is the hope of the Sourvelis family that this seed of kindness will eventually grow as to afford several students the opportunity to receive this scholarship.

The inspiration for this award was received in April of 2018 when a Bevill State nursing student, Morgan Walton provided exceptional and compassionate care exhibiting excellence in nursing during their care of Ms. Sourvelis in her last days on Earth.

Often a nurse is meeting someone during the worse moment in that person’s life. Patients deserve to feel cared for and listened to. Whether they are made to feel that way is based on the actions of their nurse. Compassionate care ensures patients that their condition and concerns are being heard, recognized and acted upon. Additionally, patients are more willing to reach out to a caring nurse and communicate their needs better than one who seems rushed or more interested in the equipment than in the person in the bed.

Nurses work long hours under stressful conditions. Remaining compassionate in the nursing field requires purposeful action. It requires looking beyond your patient’s appearance, history, or attitude and into the depths of their eyes. There you will see the person within the hospital gown. Sympathy and compassion can be hard to maintain, but even the smallest act of kindness may impact the life of your patient more than you can imagine.